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Artist Statement

My art displays the balance between a clean and simple photograph and a very imaginative editing of the image. This creative process means that my art allows me to show the reality and life as we see it but also to make it a bit strange and distorted with bits and pieces from a fantasy world.

The main purpose of my art is to demonstrate the feelings, dilemmas and situations that a human in the modern society is exposed to.

Minimalistic and stripped-down environments and a melancholic lighting along with something unexpected, like a floating neon text, places the portrayd situation in a world where we no longer are completely sure about what is real and what is not.

I like using symbols and elements from everyday technology and social media to give the images a contemporary look and feel. This works really well with the soft and pleasant color palette that I find myself returning to.

The lighting and the colors of the image is something that I put a lot of effort into getting exactly right. They need to be in a complete state of symbiosis as they determine the final feeling of the artwork and that it is not something that I can compromise with.

For the sake of me and my creativity, it is important that I do not to put a label on myself or cling to  hard to a specific style. I will always allow myself to evolve and I will let that be a part of what characterizes me as an artist.

With those thoughts in the back of my mind, my art completes and satisfies me like nothing else. That is also the feeling that comes through to the observer. The sense of relief from being understood even for just a second means everything.